EL&C Baillieu is now part of Ord Minnett Limited

EL&C Baillieu is pleased to announce that it is now part of Ord Minnett Ltd (Ords).

To learn more about Ord Minnett Ltd, please visit: www.ords.com.au 

EL&C Baillieu Clients

Access to Client Portals

Ord Minnett Client Portal

To access your account, investment holdings, latest Ords Research, market data and company news, please click here: Ord Minnett Client Portal

LOGIC Client Portal

For your convenience, the Ord Minnett Client Portal includes the full suite of LOGIC account reports including all historical quarterly and annual tax reports.

You may also continue to view account reports and market data through your existing LOGIC login.

To access your LOGIC account and investment holdings. please click here: LOGIC Client Portal

Contact Details

To speak to your Adviser, you can continue to contact your Adviser as per normal. There are no Adviser contact changes.

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