Class of 2022 IPO Conference

Thursday, 16 September 2021

Class of 2022 IPO Conference

Ord Minnett is pleased to welcome you to its “Class of 2022 IPO Conference on Thursday, 16th September 2021.

This invitation only event for Ord Minnett’s institutional fund manager clients to meet with select leading emerging companies which are expecting to move to an ASX IPO in 2022.

The Conference is designed as a highly effective forum for institutional investors and companies on the path to IPO to further their mutual awareness and engagement.

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Company Presentations


Company Profile: Crimson Education

Established in 2014, Crimson Education was founded to level the global playing field for students, starting with paving pathways to help them gain acceptance into top-ranked universities. Today, Crimson is the world’s most successful US/UK university admissions support consultancy, with our students 4x more likely to gain acceptance to the Ivy League, Oxford, Cambridge and more. Building on Crimson students' success, New Zealand’s first registered online high school, Crimson Global Academy (“CGA”), was launched in 2020 to provide students with access to top teachers, intensive classes and robust curricula so that they can accelerate their pathways to top universities and competitive careers.

Crimson Education Group grew 50% in FY21, recording NZ$63 million revenue for the year ending 31 July 2021. In its first full year of operations, CGA grew its roll from 100 students to over 400 and revenue has grown from NZ$1.5 million to NZ$7.5 million.

Crimson Education is planning the following initiatives:

  • Increasing the size of New Zealand / China technology and product teams to localise school technology offering and better integrate school partners  
  • Building data science and artificial intelligence teams to improve analytics capabilities and use data-based pedagogy to separate CGA from competitors 
  • Expanding suite of asynchronous content to add operational leverage to its educational offering - Accelerating scale-up of sales / marketing functions; launching 4 new markets in FY22

Sector: Education Technology

Potential IPO Raise: $60 million - $120 million with the possibility of a Pre-IPO Raise


Jamie Beaton, Co-Founder & CEO

Fuel50 | 9:30am - 10:00am | WEBINAR

Company Profile: Fuel50

Established in 2003, Fuel50 is an AI Marketplace that smart matches people to learning, vacancies, gigs, projects and career journeys within organisations. Fuel50 harnesses next-gen workforce data, powers internal talent mobility, drives workforce agility and future proofs organisations. People that use Fuel50 at least 5 times, are 60% more likely to stay with an organisation.

Fuel50 has grown ARR (annual recurring revenue) each year: 87% (2019), 63% (2020) and 26% since Dec 2020, now at US$5.7 million with over 70 clients. We have recently made a move into the European markets, which have grown significantly in 2021, growing ARR 169% since December 2020, up US$0.8 million. Gross Margin % continues to increase, from 65% at December 2020 to 71% over the last twelve months to July 21 and recorded US$4.55 million revenue in FY21.

Fuel50 is investing in delivering unmatched talent and skills intelligence, as organisations are prioritising talent retention and the future of workforce capability as a strategic capability. We have had 374% growth in revenue since entering the European market and will continue to invest there; and are extending our addressable market with a talent marketplace offering that is fit for purpose for smaller organisations (from 250 employees), which extends our addressable market to 100,000 organisations in the USA alone. This market extension will also allow us to expand our footprint in Australasia.

Sector: Software as a Service, HR Tech

Potential IPO Raise: $30 million - $60 million, targeting a Pre-IPO in 1QCY22 with an IPO approximately 12 months thereafter


Anne Fulton, CEO

Daniel Houzet, CFO

TOURISM HOLDINGS | 10:00am - 10:30am | WEBINAR

Company Profile: 

Established in 1984, Tourism Holdings Limited (thl) is the world’s largest commercial operator of RV rentals with operations in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and franchisee operations in Japan and Southern Africa. thl’s Australian brands include Maui and Britz RVs, and the vehicle sales arm RV Super Centre. thl is RV centric but not RV exclusive, and within the RV segment thl is vertically integrated with its build, rent and sell business model. thl also has a presence in vehicle manufacturing through Action Manufacturing, Australasia’s leading specialist vehicle manufacturer. In addition to supplying the vehicles for thl’s Australasian rentals businesses, it also provides specialist vehicles to the likes of Queensland Ambulance Service, NZ Police, NZ Defence Force and New Zealand St. John Ambulance.

In New Zealand thl also operates Discover Waitomo (tours of the glowworm caves in the Waitomo region) and Kiwi Experience (a hop-on-hop-off bus tour operation) and has a long history of acquisitions and divestitures.

thl had a global fleet of approximately 4,200 vehicles (as at 31 December 2020). Prior to COVID-19, the global fleet was in excess of 6,000 vehicles. thl commenced a fleet sell down strategy to raise capital in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and right-size to reflect lower demand with the loss of international tourism. This allowed thl to reduce its net debt from approximately NZ$197 million in March 2020 to an approximate low point of NZ$22 million in December 2020, without raising equity (one of the only publicly listed tourism operators in Australia to do so), despite the significant impact to earnings. thl’s revenue in FY20 was in excess of NZ$400 million.

While thl is making operating losses, it is focused on various domestic opportunities including the expansion of RV Super Centre to incorporate a wider range of RV retail accessories and workshop services. The vehicle sales division is expanding by introducing more new, direct to the sales yard vehicles, and shifting away from almost exclusively selling ex-rental vehicles. Action Manufacturing also continues to organically expand, winning new work in the specialist vehicle manufacturing sector.

Sector: Tourism

Potential IPO Raise: -


Grant Webster, CEO

REDEYE | 10:45am - 11:15am | WEBINAR

Company Profile: RedEye

Established in 2012, RedEye is a technology company offering cloud based and mobile Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for owners and operators of critical infrastructure assets such as water and power utilities, hospitals, mines and oil & gas companies. RedEye’s solutions give control over asset data back to the asset owners to reduce risks and unlock operational efficiencies.

The company’s solutions include the following: 

  • RedEye DMS – for management of engineering drawings and data. The solution creates a single source of truth for the asset owner and their service providers to ensure people can access and work on the latest version of engineering drawings and documents. 
  • RedEye DigitalTwin – for visualisation of 3D models and improvement of asset condition. The mobile solution facilitates work (e.g. inspections and maintenance) on complex assets and equipment in the field.  
  • RedEye FireSight – for bushfire risk management during prevention, preparedness, response and recovery phases. The integrated solution uses the latest fire modelling technologies combined with asset data, spatial and geographic data, weather and fuel data to help asset owners and government agencies reduce/prevent losses caused by bush fires. 

RedEye is focused on activating new channels to markets and expanding its technology partnerships to continue integrating with leading Enterprise Asset Management solutions and Geographic Information Systems.

Sector: Software as a Service

Potential IPO Raise: $30 million - $60 million with the possibility of a Pre-IPO Raise


Wayne Gerard, Co-Founder & CEO

LIMEPAY | 11:15am - 11:45am | WEBINAR

Company Profile: LimePay

Established in 2018, Limepay is a brand-first, innovative payment solutions platform that gives control, knowledge and ownership of the customer experience back to brands.

The business was founded initially to solve a key problem faced by ecommerce merchants when partnering with direct-to-consumer BNPL solutions such as Afterpay. In sending customers away from their site, merchants have limited control of their own checkout, resulting in customer data leakage, reduced profit and lower lifetime customer value.

Since launching, Limepay has developed a unique payments platform allowing once-off, split, and repeating payments that directly integrates into merchant checkout, contains a sophisticated lending risk assessment engine and is ready for deployment into any sector, in any market around the world. Limepay has delivered a growth of of 978% UMS (Underlying Merchant Sales) year on year from $4.8m (FY20) to $50.1m (FY21) and recorded $885K in net revenue. The business is on target to deliver over 100% growth in total turnover in FY22 as it continues to scale through customer acquisition.

Limepay is currently focused on the following key initiatives:

  1. Vertical partnerships: With Domain (realestate) the first vertical partnership now established (technology, people and processes), attention is now being turned to replicate this success in numerous vertical market leaders in industrial supplies, financial services, food services and a range of other exciting growth sectors. 
  2. Risk engine: Limepay is refining it’s new risk engine which went live in August. This includes new advanced risk mitigation strategies including customer credit scoring and updated fraud prevention controls. 
  3. PayFac: We are currently investigating the business case for becoming a certified payment facilitator, providing us with the flexibility to better integrate with a number of payment gateways and therefore opening up greater customer reach. 
  4. Try Before You Buy: New innovation intended to enable Limepay and our merchants to offer new payment options and experiences to their customers. 
  5. International expansion: Progress continues toward enabling Limepay to support BNPL and Pay in Full service offerings in markets such as New Zealand in the upcoming months, and has begun exploring foundation partnerships in Africa and South East Asia.

Sector: Fintech, payments

Potential IPO Raise: $30 million - $60 million. Completed a Pre-IPO Raise in December 2020


Tim Dwyer, CEO & Co-Founder

Willie Pang, Chairman

OCHRE HEALTH | 11:45Am - 12:15Pm | WEBINAR

Company Profile: Ochre Health

Established in 2002 by our two founder GP Directors, Ochre Health is a leading Australian primary health care provider operating a national network of over 50 general practice medical centres.

With a strong heritage in regional and rural health, Ochre is unique in that it also manages 15 public Hospital contracts (generally fixed to 2025) for the provision of 24x7x365 medical support. 

Ochre has an enviable reputation for quality and a focus on providing a differentiated doctor and patient experience, whilst also improving the health of the communities we serve and building careers for our GPs. These factors have underpinned Ochre’s track record of growth.

As a challenger brand to the listed business of Sonic (and previously Healius until they sold their medical centres in 2021) Ochre has a strong focus on clinical quality, supporting doctors with quality nurse/admin support and has a dedicated GP recruitment business to attract and retain GPs.

After a period of consolidation, Ochre re-commenced an acquisition strategy in FY19 and has added over 20 locations since then.

The business has grown from revenue of $63 million in FY16 to $123 million in FY21 (14% YoY average growth) and during this period EBITDA has grown from $1.6 million to $6.4 million. Through the combination of organic growth and acquisition initiatives, overall growth has accelerated in the last couple of years with a 23% revenue uplift in FY20 and a 31% in FY21.

GP numbers have risen from 133 FTE in June 2019 to 180 in June 2020 and 217 (over 300 heads) in June 2021. The number of patient consultations has grown from 729,000 in FY19 to 864,000 in FY20 and 1,004,000 in FY21.

Sector: Healthcare

Potential IPO Raise: $60 million - $120 million with the possibility of a Pre-IPO Raise


Dermot Roche, CEO

PHOCAS | 12:15PM - 12:45Pm | WEBINAR

Company Profile: Phocas

Established in 2001, Phocas is a leading provider of Business Intelligence, Analytics, Financial reporting and Budgeting cloud-based software to mid-market manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors across the US, UK and Australia. The software integrates with multiple data sources and allows easy access and insight into critical performance drivers of the business, with out of the box dashboards and reports resulting in no requirement for complex technology teams or integrations.

Starting in 2001 in the UK, the initial product focused on serving sales teams, and allowing them instant access to customer performance across multiple product lines. Since then, the company has expanded into the US and Australia, providing data analytics and business intelligence, and more recently financial statements and budgeting and forecasting products.

Phocas has a simple mission – to make people feel good about data. Our tailored industry-focused solutions simplify data management through powerful analytics and visualization tools and revolutionize the way customers interact with their own information. Phocas products change the way people think and work, making it easier for them to be decisive and operate with confidence.

Fundamental to our success in developing innovative products is our culture, based on trust, autonomy, learning and experimentation. At the heart of Phocas is a commitment to our values – to make life ‘fun, fulfilling, and forever’ for Phocas customers, employees, investors and the planet. To back this up we have recently commenced bcorp certification. We are extremely proud of our enduring customer commitment, our talented people, our phenomenal culture and our record of consistent, profitable growth.

Phocas has delivered 3-year revenue CAGR of over 20% to FY21, with a loyal customer base showing 95% logo retention and 107% net revenue retention rates as customers grow through adding licences and additional products to the initial purchase. Growth rates have increased from the addition of new products in FY21 and revenue is geographically disbursed, with approximately 40% derived from the fastest growing market, the US. The company was bootstrapped until December 2020, when its first capital raise was completed to drive additional growth and will report revenue for FY21 of approximately A$47 million.

Phocas is currently deploying the new investment in further R&D activities, together with investment in sales and marketing resources in all trading jurisdictions and building the infrastructure required to support a much larger business. There are further exciting market developments where Phocas is investing in order to expand horizontally into markets where its existing products are gaining significant traction.

Sector: Software as a Service

Potential IPO Raise: $120m+ with no pre-IPO raise


Myles Glashier, CEO & Co-Founder

Dave Boorman, CFO


Company Profile: RedEarth Enery Storage

Established in 2013, RedEarth Energy Storage provides integrated solar and battery systems for businesses and residences on and off grid. RedEarth is developing technology that can double productivity of standard solar and battery and turn an electricity or diesel bill into an income statement by harvesting and monetising electricity.

RedEarth Energy Storage’s networkable systems can provide up to 50% IRR for customers.

RedEarth Energy Storage has grown at a 63% average quarter on quarter since it started making sales in 2018, and in the last quarter it booked $4.0 million in sales. It has an installed base of over 800 systems around Australia and is now looking to roll out its technology and become a household name across the country. Further, it has recently raised funds to leverage its installed base by overlaying its new technology onto those systems and creating daily income for itself and for its customers. RedEarth Energy Storage will discuss how, through its innovative R&D, it plans to achieve the transition from electricity cost to electricity revenue for its customers.

Sector: Cleantech, R&D

Potential IPO Raise: $30 million - $60 million with no Pre-IPO Raise


Charles Walker, CEO, MD & Co-Founder


Company Profile: Planet Innovation

Established in 2009 by 4 medical device industry veterans, Planet Innovation is Australia’s leading healthtech innovation and commercialisation business. Planet Innovation works with leading global and Australian medical technology innovators to create breakthrough products that transform healthcare. Planet Innovation offers the full spectrum of product development, digital services and manufacturing capabilities needed to create and commercialize sophisticated, connected products. Planet Innovation is consistently recognised by clients for its strong market focus coupled with sophisticated technical capability.

As a globally recognised healthtech innovator, Planet Innovation also uses its strong understanding of healthcare trends to make strategic investments with selected partners. These investments can take the form of non-equity co-investments into individual products, minority strategic investments all the way through to establishment of spin-off businesses (such as Lumos Diagnostics (ASX:LDX) and Visus Therapeutics Inc). In each case, the objective is to build long term, high value relationships with global healthtech leaders.

Planet Innovation has grown strongly notwithstanding the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 70% of new business now originates from US clients, building on strong awareness in the US of the need for investment in medical innovation. For FY21, Planet Innovation revenue was $112 million (65% growth vs FY20). In FY22, Planet Innovation will be continuing to invest into growth activities to strengthen its development services and manufacturing divisions to support global clients.

Planet Innovation employs over 430 staff located in Melbourne, Victoria and Carlsbad, California. 

Sector: Healthcare Equipment

Potential IPO Raise: $60 million - $120 million with no pre-IPO raise


Stuart Elliott, Co-CEO

Sam Lanyon, Co-CEO

MONEYTECH | 2:15pm - 2:45pm | WEBINAR

Company Profile: Moneytech

Established in 2003, Moneytech Group was formed by Founder and Managing Director, Hugh Evans, to ‘plug’ a gap in the cashflow lending market and provide easy access for small businesses to cashflow solutions.

Over the years, Moneytech Group has grown into a diversified financial institution. Driven by proprietary technology, Moneytech provides unrivalled finance and payments, including foreign exchange offerings, to businesses.

With over 18 years of experience, Moneytech successfully originates over $1.5 billion in receivables per annum, whilst maintaining industry low default rates. Through their payments brand, Monoova, they manage over $3.7 billion per month in payments volume.

Moneytech Group’s unique technology ecosystem allows customers to access cashflow funding, tailored FX solutions and real time payments saving them both time and money.

Moneytech Group has seen significant growth over the past few years, particularly in the Lending and Payments businesses with growth of the lending book up by 26% and revenue in Monoova up by 235%. Group revenue finished FY21 at $34.3 million which is 7% year-on-year growth.

Moneytech continues to invest in their proprietary technology to enhance the customer experience across their Lending and Payments platforms including the Moneytech Exchange and the Monoova Payments Engine.

Sector: Fintech / Diversified Financials 

Potential IPO Raise: $60 million - $120 million with no Pre-IPO Raise


Hugh Evans, Founder & MD

CAR CONNECT | 2:45pm - 3:15pm | WEBINAR

Company Profile: CarConnect

Established in 2012, Carconnect seeks to redefine the new car buying experience in Australia, providing transparent and integrated car buying, selling, management, and financing for new and used cars. Carconnect delivers an unmatched end-to-end digital experience (incl. virtual trade-in management and contactless car purchase/delivery), access to fleet pricing (c.17% consumer savings from RRP) and ongoing car management support via its soon to be released mobile application.

Following a change in ownership in April 2020, Carconnect experienced significant growth during FY21. Average monthly car orders and net revenue grew by 53% and 74%, respectively, on the prior year. Carconnect recorded $7.0 million in net revenue in FY21.

Carconnect has a number of initiatives in progress to enhance the customer-led journey, reduce or eliminate the need for consultant assistance, increase revenue per customer and expand its market share.

These include:  

  • Implementing a new technology stack that aims to reduce assisted time to sale by c.58% (Q1 FY23 Launch date). Customers will be able to complete the purchase of their car digitally without consultant assistance; however, customer support will still be readily available if required.  
  • Expanding its ancillary revenue streams (e.g. financing, insurance and rebates).  
  • Expanding lead origination channels (e.g. external brokers, corporate relationships and targeted digital marketing).

Sector: Online marketplace

Potential IPO Raise: $30 million - $60 million with the possibility of a Pre-IPO Raise


Rob Chaloner, Founder & CEO

COMPONO | 3:30pm - 4:00pm | WEBINAR

Company Profile: Compono

Launching its first product in 2019, Compono is an HR software company that enables you to unlock people’s potential, by uniquely harnessing the power of data, science and technology. We provide intelligent solutions to hire, develop and engage talent.

Hire – get the right talent: Our recruitment solutions leverage neuroscience, machine learning and data analytics allowing companies to attract, shortlist and rank talent in a matter of seconds. Compono is currently processing over 1 million candidates per month.

Develop – get the right skills: Our learning and development solutions leverage our expertise in human behaviour and instructional design, so you can deploy impactful and immersive learning experiences, that give people the skills they need today, and tomorrow.

Engage – get the right results: Our engagement solution evaluates and benchmarks an organisation’s current and desired cultural states to help build high performing teams.

Compono's modular solutions allow flexibility and the ability to harness the power of your people, driving greater productivity and competitive advantage.

Compono delivered total revenue of $11.8 million in FY21 with 96% ARR (annual recurring revenue), 92% gross margin and customer retention of over 95%. Forecast revenue growth for FY22 is 97%.

Compono is an Australian growth stage scale up with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Christchurch and New York. Additionally, with the recent acquisition of the UK multi channel job posting platform Idibu, we have expanded our reach into over 300 clients in this region.

Compono’s talent acquisition software is on track to grow 400% in FY22 with clients including NewsCorp, Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and Coffee Club. Compono’s Immersive Learning solutions are in strong demand across mining, transportation, safety / risk and heavy industry with clients including Aurizon and KiwiRail.

Compono has also experienced strong market penetration in the online learner driver space with contracts across Victorian, Queensland, Tasmanian and South Australian Governments.

Sector: Information Technology

Potential IPO Raise: $60 million - $120 million with the possibility of a Pre-IPO Raise


Carl Hartmann, Co-Founder & Chairman

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