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Ord Minnett (Ords) is a leading Australian wealth management group, incorporating full-service stockbroking, financial planning, funds management and portfolio services. With corporate origins dating back to 1872, Ord Minnett is a highly respected name in the Australian investment landscape. 

Ord Minnett Adelaide has a proud South Australian heritage with business origins dating back 1909, when the renowned firm Thompson Thiem was established. The firm continued to grow and merge with other businesses to finally evolve into the Adelaide branch of Ord Minnett, one of Australia’s leading financial advisory and stockbroking firms.

Ord Minnett’s team of advisers in Adelaide has a broad range of investment skills and qualifications, with well over 100 years of combined investment experience covering all market conditions.

Our clients benefit from the knowledge of a professional team, with the majority of Ords advisers qualified across a range of university degrees and advanced qualifications in areas such as economics, accounting, applied finance and financial planning.

Ord Minnett has an extensive national network of specialists and the branch in Adelaide means clients can access quality advice at a local level.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with a sense of investment certainty. Our reputation and longevity in the marketplace have served our valued clients well over generations.

"Through prudent investment advice and market analysis, Ord Minnett has been building the wealth of investors for generations."

Proud Heritage

Founded by Charles Ord and Jack Minnett in 1951, Ords has a proud history with corporate origins dating back to 1872.

Funds Under Advice

Ords has over AUD$58.4 billion in total Funds under Advice (FUA) and AUD$884.5 million in Funds under Management (FUM) as of 30 September 2023.

Service Excellence

Ords' clients benefit from full-service stockbroking, financial planning, portfolio services and access to unique investment offerings.

Unique & Tailored Wealth Services

The Adelaide team has a strong and diverse base of experience and knowledge that can provide clients with the answers to the following:

  • How to fund a lifestyle once in retirement?
  • How to maximise superannuation benefits and minimise tax before retirement?
  • How to use transition to retirement income streams before retirement?
  • How to balance complex financial commitments that come with being a parent?
  • How to gain access to reporting that adds value and minimises costs?

Client Service Excellence

Ord Minnett takes great pride in the way we serve our clients. Meeting client expectations is at the heart of everything we do. 

We are of a size that affords our clients all the benefits of even the largest players in the market, yet we’re small enough to offer the flexibility and individual approach that enables you to benefit from the very best service levels available. Ord Minnett is well-placed to bring investors the benefits of a uniquely focused wealth-management business. 

Value of Our Advice

Ord Minnett upholds traditions of integrity, excellence, consistency and high quality advice. We focus on tailored wealth solutions to help clients achieve financial goals and life aspirations.

Our advisers strive to provide value where possible by sharing and accessing the comprehensive resources of Ord Minnett.

  • Daily updates with Ords Research Analysts and Investment Strategists
  • 24 hour access to the latest Company Research Reports
  • Unique Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) offered by Ords Corporate Finance
  • Sophisticated & Professional Investor Programs
  • Strict compliance and risk management framework
  • Comprehensive insights on the latest investment trends and opportunities

Comprehensive & Unique Wealth Services

We are well-placed to offer clients the benefits of a uniquely focused wealth management firm. Our services include:

  • Private Wealth Management
  • Full-service Stockbroking
  • Investment Advice & Strategy
  • Range of Investments including Alternative Investments
  • Financial Planning
  • Superannuation & SMSFs
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning

Unique Investment Opportunities

We have specialist Corporate Finance, Fixed Interest and Research teams, all committed to bringing unique investment opportunities to investors and clients.

Personalised Approach

Our advisory process is focused on your particular requirements. As your situation, your goals or the market environment may change, we ensure that your investment and wealth strategies remain in-line with the latest developments.

Focused on YOU

  • We listen to understand your financial goals
  • We develop personalised strategies which best employ our market knowledge and expertise
  • We implement your strategy over time
  • We continually review your investments and your overall strategy

adelaide team

Meet the Team

  • Matthew Amato

  • Ryan Bamford

  • Guy Collison

  • Greg Crowe

  • Grantley Fraser

  • John Fowler

  • Brenton Howard

  • Nick Kidman

  • Tom Kidman

  • Alison Perrott

  • Cameron Spears

  • Richard Staunton

  • Emma Trengove

  • Andrej Wojciechowski

  • John Ferrier

  • Andrew Tate

Matthew Amato - Associate Adviser

Matthew is a highly engaged and an adaptable professional who has worked in financial markets for over five years. As an Associate Adviser, Matthew works with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your personal situation to develop a tailored strategy and structured advice to grow and protect your wealth so you can achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

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Matthew has progressed through his career with success, starting in commercial banking before moving to Commonwealth Securities in Sydney to then gaining various roles within private client advising and institutional equities whilst working with Taylor Collison Limited and Evans and Partners respectively.

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Corporate Finance), he is accredited in National DTR Cash Equities, Margin Lending and ASIC Regulatory Guidelines 146 (RG146). Currently Matthew is completing a Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning through Kaplan Professional.

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