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Ord Minnett (Ords) is a leading Australian wealth management group, incorporating full-service stockbroking, financial planning, funds management and portfolio services. With corporate origins dating back to 1872, Ord Minnett is a highly respected name in the Australian investment landscape. 

Ord Minnett Sunshine Coast was established in 1992. Originally focusing on stockbroking, over the years we have evolved to become a complete wealth management advisory firm.  

For investors who value sophisticated advice, we offer priority adviser access, strategic planning and active investment recommendations. 

This allows clients to quickly move in line with national and international market and legislative trends.

"Through prudent investment advice and market analysis, Ord Minnett has been building the wealth of investors for generations."

Proud Heritage

Founded by Charles Ord and Jack Minnett in 1951, Ords has a proud history with corporate origins dating back to 1872.

Funds Under Advice

Ords has over AUD$58.4 billion in total Funds under Advice (FUA) and AUD$884.5 million in Funds under Management (FUM) as of 30 September 2023.

Service Excellence

Ords' clients benefit from full-service stockbroking, financial planning, portfolio services and access to unique investment offerings.

Unique & Tailored Wealth Services

For investors who value sophisticated advice, we offer priority adviser access, strategic planning and active investment recommendations. This allows clients to quickly move in line with national and international market and legislative trends. 

Our full advice service analyses your needs and aims, then sets out a plan to achieve those aims, as well as quickly and accurately executing your stock trades.

Stockbroking & Wealth Management

Our advisers understand the risk / reward relationships inherent in investing and are able to assist in establishing and maintaining a diverse and balanced investment portfolio. 

Our advisers provide value-added service by staying informed about each client’s investments, and applying their expertise and knowledge to best utilise our top rated research. 


  • Portfolio construction and management
  • Share trading ideas and strategies
  • Relative value arbitrage
  • Fixed income investing
  • IPOs

Financial Planning & Strategy

We are a full service advisory group, which means we offer much more than just buying and selling shares. 

We consult with you, and believe that it is essential that we understand your current position and objectives. We must understand your risk profile, as it is important we design a portfolio that should meet your objectives, while not taking on unnecessary risk. 

Our financial planners specialise in the following areas: 

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on research, quality investments, and cash flow.

We invest in companies that are well researched, using information provided by Ord Minnett’s team of experienced research professionals.

  • Decisions to invest are made only after we are satisfied that the asset has a sound balance sheet, prospects of growth in profitability, and good cash flow. We attempt to invest in companies that are trading well under a price that we consider ‘fair value’.
  •  We focus on cash flow and liquidity. We try to ensure that there is sufficient initial cash, plus income generated by your portfolio, to ensure you are never forced to sell assets at a time which may not be appropriate.

Ord Minnett Sunshine Coast recommendations are not influenced by product providers and our preference is to invest directly rather than through managed funds.

Our extensive experience in researching and managing financial assets enables us to provide advice without conflict or compromise.

The result is one of complete transparency of client holdings and a portfolio strategy specifically designed to meet the needs of our valued clients.

Client Service Excellence

Ord Minnett takes great pride in the way we serve our clients. Meeting client expectations is at the heart of everything we do. 

We are of a size that affords our clients all the benefits of even the largest players in the market, yet we’re small enough to offer the flexibility and individual approach that enables you to benefit from the very best service levels available. Ord Minnett is well-placed to bring investors the benefits of a uniquely focused wealth-management business. 

Value of Our Advice

Ord Minnett upholds traditions of integrity, excellence, consistency and high quality advice. We focus on tailored wealth solutions to help clients achieve financial goals and life aspirations.

Our advisers strive to provide value where possible by sharing and accessing the comprehensive resources of Ord Minnett.

  • Daily updates with Ords Research Analysts and Investment Strategists
  • 24 hour access to the latest Company Research Reports
  • Unique Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) offered by Ords Corporate Finance
  • Sophisticated & Professional Investor Programs
  • Strict compliance and risk management framework
  • Comprehensive insights on the latest investment trends and opportunities

Comprehensive & Unique Wealth Services

We are well-placed to offer clients the benefits of a uniquely focused wealth management firm. Our services include:

  • Private Wealth Management
  • Full-Service Stockbroking
  • Investment Advice & Strategy
  • Range of Investments including Alternative Investments
  • Financial Planning
  • Superannuation & SMSFs
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning

Unique Investment Opportunities

We have specialist Corporate Finance, Fixed Interest and Research Teams, all committed to bringing unique investment opportunities to investors and clients.

Personalised Approach

Our advisory process is focused on your particular requirements. As your situation, your goals or the market environment may change, we ensure that your investment and wealth strategies remain in-line with the latest developments.

Focused on YOU

  • We listen to understand your financial goals
  • We develop personalised strategies which best employ our market knowledge and expertise
  • We implement your strategy over time
  • We regularly review your investments and your overall strategy

sunshine coast team

Meet the Team

The Sunshine Coast Branch of Ord Minnett is a team based advice group providing tailored investment strategies to the personal needs of individual clients and their families.

Whilst each client has a regular relationship adviser, the benefits of a Team approach lie in the depth of speciality available across numerous advisers, diversified knowledge base, and continuity of advice designed for you.

In addition, the Sunshine Coast Team has at its disposal the entire Ord Minnett research division and investment committee, as well as further research and Australian capital raisings in the form of IPOs, placements and other corporate originations. We utilise a team approach to provide you with a range of specialists to assist you with your financial needs.

  • Troy Derwin

  • Chris Harris

  • Justin Scattini

  • Anthony Ward

  • Jake Brown

  • Troy Davey

  • Andrew Griffith

  • Darryl Watt

  • Tom Hartvigsen

Troy Derwin - Managing Partner and Senior Financial Adviser

Troy Derwin is a Senior Adviser with Ord Minnett Sunshine Coast, having first started in the financial markets in 1996. Troy joined with Ords in 2013 after a 17 year career in the financial markets in Sydney.

He commenced his career in funds management as a research analyst before moving into a portfolio manager role. After six years in funds management, he moved into stockbroking, running the Deutsche Bank Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) research team. 


Ord Minnett Sunshine Coast is proud to be connected to the following Sunshine Coast Clubs and Associations: 

Buderim Bowls Club
Caloundra Rugby Union
Swans Rugby Club
Sunshine Coast Grammar School

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