Financial Planning

Ord Minnett’s network of specialist, qualified planners provide clients with bespoke advice aligned to unique financial and lifestyle goals. Their qualifications, experience and teamwork ensures clients receive proven financial strategies while Ords' technical expertise allows clients to structure and build their wealth in a manner compliant with ever changing superannuation legislation and tax rulings.

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is about developing strategies to help you manage your financial situation and meet your life goals – and the first step is to make sure you have access to the right advice.

When might you need financial advice?

We understand that people look for a strategic financial planner to build wealth for a variety of reasons. In today's hectic environment, many of us are time poor and seek the knowledge of a financial professional to manage an investment portfolio, superannuation or even an unexpected inheritance effectively.

Some investors have a complex financial situation that may have arisen from unforeseen circumstances such as a redundancy or a divorce, or are simply transitioning to retirement.

An Ords Financial Planner has the expertise and resources to guide you through a logical advisory process, appropriate to your individual circumstances and goals.

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Getting Married
Starting a Family
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Receive Inheritance
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Divorce or Separation
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Ords Advisory Process

Our advisory process is transparent and structured so there are no surprises along the way

Step 1: Initial Meeting

An initial meeting with an Ord Minnett Financial Planner is to listen and to discuss your financial situation, lifestyle plans for the future, and to understand financial and investment goals.

Step 2: Financial Profile

Your planner will create a concise financial profile with a special focus on your attitude to risk.          

Step 3: Personal Financial Plan

Your planner will create a plan known as a Statement of Advice which outlines your personal financial journey roadmap including advice, financial and investment recommendations.

Step 4: Implementation

Implementation of advice and recommendations are undertaken in collaboration with other professionals like accountants and with you, every step of the way.

Step 5: Reviews

Changes to market conditions or your personal circumstances will require a review of your plan and your progress. At agreed times, your planner may recommend adjustments to your portfolio to ensure that your investment and financial strategies remain on track to meet your financial and lifestyle goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will keep me informed of new investment opportunities as I don't have time to research them?

Your Ords Adviser will inform you of new investment opportunities from IPOs (Initial Public Offers) to direct equities both domestic and international to managed funds, model portfolios and alternative investments like Exchange Traded Options to cash and fixed interest securities. 

How can I keep up-to-date with tax-effective strategies?

Your Ords Adviser can update you with various financial planning strategies that are tax-effective and work with other professionals like accountants and tax-agents to ensure appropriate advice is provided.

How can I protect my family if something should happen to me?

Your Ords Adviser can take you through the different risk protection strategies available, and put in place safety measures to protect your family.

When is the best time to start building wealth?

It is never too early to start planning for your financial security. There are simple and easy ways to get started but it is recommended you discuss your wealth goals with an experienced adviser who can help you get started.

Will someone keep me accountable and on-track?

Think of your Ords Adviser as your personal financial coach who will meet with you at agreed times to discuss your progress and make any adjustments to ensure they are still in line with your goals.

How can I manage my own super?

Setting up a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) offers the option to take control of your super and manage it accordingly. When thinking about a SMSF, it is recommended you speak with an adviser who can provide specialist advice in setting up a SMSF and how to effectively manage the investments held inside your super fund.

How can I invest into direct equities?

Your Ords Adviser can help you invest into both Australian and overseas equities through our stockbroking service.

"Through prudent investment advice and market analysis, Ord Minnett has been building the wealth of investors for generations."

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Why asset allocation is an essential portfolio construction strategy?

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