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November 30, 2021

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2021 Budget in a Boom Presentation

The Budget in a Boom 2021 Livestream Recording
Q1. Valuation Concerns
Q2. China
Q3. Cybersecurity & Shipping
Q4. Australian Manufacturing Future
Q5. Fiscal Policies
Q6. Value Rotation

Karl Morris AO, CEO & Managing Director interview with Hamish Douglass of Magellan

Karl Morris & Hamish Douglass Full Interview 
Q1. High government debt but a world awash with cash, what are the likely outcomes?
Q2. Impact of COVID-19: World economy slowing - where to from here?
Q3. Valuations old vs new world
Q4. Looking to China for growth stocks?
Q5. Greater volatility leading up to the US Election?
Q6. Innovations


Simon Kent-Jones | Ethical & Responsible Investing
Top Picks with Wilson Asset Management
Karl Morris & Nicolas Burgess | History & Heritage of Ord Minnett 
Market Outlook with Malcolm Wood, Head of Institutional Research & Asset Allocation
Karl Morris & Hamish Douglass Q2. Impact of COVID19
Karl Morris & Hamish Douglass Q3. Valuations 
Karl Morris & Hamish Douglass Q4. Growth Stocks

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