Portfolio Administration & Reporting Service (PARS)

Access to extensive investor resources & benefits through a single wealth management service

What is PARS?

Ords' Portfolio Administration and Reporting Service is a core portfolio management service that provides clear, accurate and timely investment portfolio administration, and via its administrative capabilities, allows you and your Ords Adviser to manage your investments more effectively.

Nuts & Bolts of PARS

Portfolio Management Service

Key Features

Key features of PARS:

  • Regular reporting
  • Access to your Adviser at all times
  • Tax reporting at year-end
  • Efficient portfolio administration
  • Access to industry-leading research
  • Access to exclusive offers from our Funds Management and Corporate Finance teams
  • Password protected online access to your portfolio
  • Generally tax deductible fees
  • Access to wholesale Managed Funds via the Wholesale Access Service

The Portfolio Administration and Reporting Service can be tailored to suit various levels of investor sophistication or other individual requirements.

Portfolio Reviews & Reporting

Your Ords Adviser will review your holdings, asset allocation and portfolio performance according to your agreed strategies, investment and lifestyle objectives. You will be provided with the most appropriate investment advice at all times as a direct result of the transparency of your situation. With 24 hour online access and a quarterly 'Report Pack', you and your Adviser will always have access to the most comprehensive information on which to base your investment decisions. Additionally, the end-of-financial year 'Report Pack' will make tax time easier.

Online Access

As a client utilising PARS, you are able to register for online access to all areas of the Ord Minnett website. This means an extensive range of investor services, research and other relevant information will be available at your finger tips.

  • 24 hour access to your portfolio's valuation and associated details
  • Live share prices and indices performance
  • Company research reports and investment recommendations
  • Private client publications

Your suite of individually tailored reports is easily accessed through the Ord Minnett website and can be viewed via your own secure password protected pages.

Quarterly Reporting

Our quarterly reporting provides a comprehensive analysis of your investment portfolio and includes:

  • Asset allocation with optional Variance Reporting
  • Detailed Valuation Statement with optional GICS classification reports
  • Unrealised Capital Gains Tax Summary
  • Realised Capital Gains Tax Summary
  • Detailed Investment Income and Expenses Summary
  • Summary of Portfolio Transactions
  • Optional Portfolio Performance Reporting

Annual Reporting

In addition to your quarterly 'Report Pack', you will receive specialist Annual Reports that make tax time far simpler, with detailed tax reporting covering all your requirements including:

  • Investment income received with applicable tax components
  • Realised Capital Gains Tax summary
  • Annual statement of portfolio transactions
  • Annual Company and managed funds distribution statements
  • Expenses summary

Portfolio Administration

Our administration service includes a 'mailbox' function where we receive all your investment correspondence and only pass on those communications that are necessary for your records.

We offer a comprehensive range of other administrative services including the regular collection of your dividends, trust distributions and interest payments. We, in conjunction with your Adviser manage rights issues, take-over bids and other forms of corporate actions on your behalf.

Access to industry leading research

Ord Minnett's research capabilities are integral to our ability to meet your investment objectives.

An experienced and dynamic team, our research analysts have a rapidly increasing number of stocks under analysis.

Ord MInnett Research has a distinct capability in small to mid cap stocks which is well-recognised in the industry.

Through our partnership with JPMorgan, Ord Minnett Research has direct access to comprehensive global institutional research. This is further enhanced through our combined Australian research teams of 50 analysts, with coverage of 200 domestic listed companies.

Ord Minnett Research is able to tailor JPMorgan's research to meet our clients' specific requirements or supplement this with additional proprietary research.

Our industry reputation and the strength of our Adviser network means that many CEOs of Australia's leading companies present to us on a regular basis. These interactive sessions provide a unique opportunity for us to further our understanding of these corporations and their evolving challenges, environments and operating targets.

Whether our research is delivered to you electronically, via the internet or at www.ords.com.au or by post, you can be assured of its quality, integrity and timeliness.

Access to special offers

PARS clients will from time-to-time be able to access special and exclusive offers from our Corporate Finance, Fixed Interest and Funds Management teams.

These offers may include:

  • Pre-IPO capital offers
  • IPOs, Hybrids and Fixed Interest Securities
  • Equity placements
  • Structured investment products
  • Private equity and hedge funds

Subject to qualification, a number of our PARS clients also participate in Ord Minnett's Sophisticated and Professional Investor Program in order to receive access to additional investment opportunities that have traditionally been limited to institutional or wholesale investors. Your Adviser will be able to provide you with more information about these offers.

Access to our Financial Planning expertise

An increasing number of clients who utilise our PARS also benefit from the expertise of our team of specialist financial planners who provide advice in areas such as:

  • Superannuation
  • Taxation planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth protection

Ord Minnett Margin Lending

With the option of an Ord Minnett Margin Lending account, you can borrow funds for your investment needs and are able to use shares, managed funds, or cash as security.

Ord Minnett Cash Management Trust

The Ord Minnett Cash Management Trust acts as the 'hub' of your investment portfolio and will be used to:

  • Settle the purchases and sales of your equities investments
  • Settle the applications and redemptions of your managed fund investments
  • Settle your floats and placement purchases
  • Settle your corporate action obligations
  • Pay obligatory government fees and charges
  • Receive your dividends and distributions entitlements
  • Pay your PARS fees and charges

The Ord Minnett Cash Management Trust offers the security and flexibility associated with 'at call' bank accounts, with the added benefits of higher returns and lower fees.

"The Ord Minnett Portfolio Administration and Reporting Service relieves the burden of portfolio administration and paperwork normally associated with managing an investment portfolio."

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