Unified Managed Account (UMA)

A new level of investment service

What is UMA?

Ord Minnett’s Unified Managed Account (UMA) investment service is a unique advanced trading and reporting system that incorporates innovative features that assist in the management of your portfolio. 

Using the UMA investment service, together with the guidance of Ords investment professionals, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved tax efficiency
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Consolidation of your portfolio of investments
  • Cost-effective management of share trades through a wholesale execution
  • Full beneficial ownership of securities in your account
  • Comprehensive online reporting tools

Nuts & Bolts of UMA

A unique investment level service


The Ord Minnett UMA investment service empowers your Adviser with the unique tools to better manage your investment strategy. They proactively determine how your money is invested in real time, so that your investment strategy remains aligned to your individual circumstances, investment needs and objectives. Together, you and your Adviser can consider the menu of investment choices and develop an investment program suitable to your personal circumstances.

UMA incorporates efficient administrative features for your Adviser to use when managing your investments including:

  • Diversification opportunities - the ability to create portfolio blends inclusive of all asset classes and ASX securities for a truly customised portfolio
  • Enhanced reporting on your total asset holdings within and outside the UMA service
  • An automatic cash-management tool with a simple withdrawal facility
  • Tax optimisation tools - analysis of potential realised gains/losses prior to trading and the ability to transfer stocks in-specie into portfolios


Relieves your administrative burden

Ord Minnett will be responsible for the administration of your investments including keeping tax records, crediting dividends, maintaining all records and transactions for reporting.

You retain beneficial ownership

You retain beneficial ownership of the investments in your account. Securities in your account are held safely with a leading custodian.

Investment choice and flexibility

You have access to a broad range of securities, actively managed portfolios, exchange traded funds (ETFs), term deposits and managed funds. This provides you and your Adviser the flexibility to build an investment strategy suited to your investment needs and objectives.

Maximum tax effectiveness

With UMA you can choose from four methods of calculating capital gains and can alter your selection if your circumstances change.

24/7 access and periodic reporting keeps you informed

The UMA service keeps you informed and helps your Adviser to regularly review your portfolio. This ensures your Ords investment programme remains tailored to your personal circumstances. You will also be supplied with quarterly commentary on your actively managed portfolios and receive annual tax reports, along with an annual audit statement conducted by an audit firm. Should you wish to view your account information, you have 24/7 secure online access. 

Diverse Investment Choices

The UMA investment service offers access to a tailored investment strategy that your Adviser will devise for you. Additionally, your Adviser can access an extensive menu of proprietary investment strategies allowing your portfolio to mirror some of the best fund managers in the country.

Along with these portfolios, Ord Minnett can include any ASX-listed securities. It is this flexibility of investing that makes the UMA service so unique.

Reviews & Reporting

The UMA Service keeps you informed and assists your Adviser in the regular review of your portfolio. This ensures your Ord Minnett investment program remains appropriate to your personal circumstances.

You have daily access to:

  • Valuation reports for your investments
  • Cash account balances
  • Transaction reports for your portfolio and cash balance
  • Income, dividends and franking credit reports
  • Investment performance across your portfolio

You will also be supplied with quarterly commentary on the actively managed portfolios you are invested in.

Annually, you will receive tax reports, along with an annual audit statement conducted by an independent audit firm.

Online Access & App

You can access your account 24/7 online by logging into the secure Ord Minnett site or, if you prefer, you can access your account information via our innovative Ord Minnett App for iPhone and Android phones.

Model Portfolios

The Ord Minnett UMA offers five model portfolios constructed by our Ord Minnett Research Team. Each portfolio provides investors different opportunities depending upon their financial goals and tolerance for risk.

  • Ord Minnett Australian Core Equities Portfolio
  • Ord Minnett Australian Emerging Companies Portfolio
  • Ord Minnett Australian Listed Interest Rate Securities Portfolio
  • Ord Minnett Responsible Equities Portfolio
  • Ord Minnett International Equities Portfolio
"The Ord Minnett Unified Managed Account (UMA) investment service is an unique advanced trading and reporting system."

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