Cash Solutions

Access market interest rates with the benefits of liquidity and low risk

Cash Solutions

Ord Minnett can facilitate the holding of cash reserves in your investment portfolio. Our clients can access market interest rates with the benefits of liquidity and low risk.

Cash Management Solutions

Discover the world of cash solutions

Cash Management Trust

The Ord Minnett Cash Management Trust (CMT) is designed to act as the cash “hub” of your investment portfolio.

The CMT has full integration into the Ord Minnett network to support trade settlement, Portfolio Administration Reporting Service functions and more, while still having the safety and security associated with “at call” bank accounts.

The CMT allows investors to check balances, transfer money to nominated accounts, make BPAY payments and review transactions. Investors also have access to telephone-banking facilities to assist with a variety of enquiries and transactions. Cheque book facilities are also available.

The investment objectives of the CMT aim to deliver a competitive level of regular income whilst maintaining superior security and safety. The CMT's investment portfolio is conservative and only invests in products issued by major institutions. It invests primarily in highly rated, short term bank-issued and bank-endorsed securities. 

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Portfolio Administration & Reporting Service (PARS)

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