Cash Management Trust

A central cash-hub for investment portfolios

What is the Ord Minnett Cash Management Trust (CMT)?

The Ord Minnett CMT is a cash-hub to manage investment transactions. 

You can use the CMT to settle equity purchases, receive distributions and transfer funds via BPAY whilst the monies in the CMT earn a competitive rate of return.

The current CMT interest rate is 3.77% p.a.


Benefits of investing in the Fund include easy access to funds, capital stability and liquidity while enjoying higher returns than most traditional ‘at call’ bank accounts, access to a portfolio of bank deposits and interest bearing securities selected by a professional investment manager, regular reporting and online access to account information and access to assistance provided by our Client Services Team.

Competitive Rate of Return

Capital Stability & Liquidity

No Account Keeping Fees*

Online 24/7 Account Access

BPAY Facility

Full Visibility & Control

"A transaction cash account to manage investment cash flows whilst earning a return with 24/7 online access and visibility."


The Ord Minnett CMT provides a viable cash-hub solution for investment portfolio transactions such as:

Settle the purchase and sales of equity investments,

Settle applications and redemptions of managed fund investments

Settle floats and placement purchases**

Settle corporate action obligations**

Receive dividend and distribution entitlements

Pay obligatory associated government fees and charges

Pay portfolio services fees and charges

BPAY facility to transfer funds out

*You should consider the product disclosure statement for the CMT which is available to DOWNLOAD below.

**When using the CMT as the cash-hub for portfolio services.

Ord Minnett Cash Management Trust (CMT) Brochure

"Capital stability and liquidity with professional management of assets by Ord Minnett Fixed Interest Managers."


Who are the managers of the CMT?

Ord Minnett Management is the responsible entity of the Fund. It is responsible for the investment management, operation and administration of the Fund including all investment decisions. As the Fund is legally organised as a unit trust, Ord Minnett Management is also the trustee of the Fund. The duties, rights and obligations of Ord Minnett Management are set out in the Fund’s constitution and the Corporations Act.

What is the CMT investment structure?

The Fund is a registered managed investment scheme, organised as a unit trust. When you contribute money to a registered managed investment scheme, your money is pooled together with other investors’ money and you are issued with units. The units are a measure of your beneficial interest in the Fund and the Fund assets as a whole. We may issue units in different classes.

We invest the pooled money and manage the assets of the Fund on behalf of all scheme members (unit holders). We hold the assets in our own name (on behalf of unit holders) but may appoint a custodian to do this.

What type of investors is the CMT suitable for?

The Fund invests in cash and cash like investments and may be suitable for investors who want easy access to their money, capital stability and liquidity, whilst enjoying potentially higher returns than most traditional at call bank accounts.

What is the investment return objective?

The investment return objective for the Fund is to deliver a competitive level of regular income.

How is the CMT invested?

The Fund will be fully invested in cash and cash like investments, which include bank deposits, bank issued and bank endorsed securities, qualifying corporate securities and government issued and government guaranteed securities. The Fund does not propose to enter into any long term borrowing arrangements. However, short term borrowing may occur in relation to the daily management of liquidity. The Responsible Entity may not borrow a total amount that at any one time exceeds 10% of the total value of all investments and cash comprising the Fund.

How is the rate of return calculated?

Net income of the Fund is calculated on a daily basis by adding together all interest and other income on investments plus net realised capital gains (if any) and subtracting Fund fees and expenses.

What is the minimum investment timeframe?

Short term.

What are the risks of the CMT?

Low. Risk is relatively low when compared to an investment in asset classes such as shares, property and longer dated fixed interest securities. However, it is possible that the returns on your investment may be less than the rate of inflation.

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'A central cash-hub for investment portfolios.'

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