Ord Minnett Research produces a wide range of investment research, including recommendations on individual ASX-listed companies, commentary on listed interest rate securities, ETFs and discussions of investment strategies and market outlook.



The Ord Minnett Research Team provides in-depth analysis of Australian stocks and interest rate securities. They aim to identify quality stocks, large and small, that are trading below their inherent value. Analysis of the fundamentals underpinning each stock is critical to this process.

While long-term strategic themes are influential, they will also act on short-term market intelligence. Ord Minnett accesses the highest quality institutional research, which ensures our clients and key business areas maintain a competitive advantage, providing far-reaching intelligence that further supports our analytical expertise.

Stock Coverage

Ord Minnett has research coverage of 250 ASX-listed companies.

The research team is renowned for its coverage of emerging companies. Ords' emerging companies research team were ranked #1 for emerging caps research amongst emerging-companies focused brokers and #3 overall (including global investment banks).

*Peter Lee Research Ranking Survey 2019

250 Stocks 

Ord Minnett has research coverage of 250 ASX-listed companies.

#1 Emerging Caps Research

Ords' emerging companies research team were ranked #1 for emerging caps research amongst emerging-companies focused brokers.*

#3 Overall

Ords' emerging companies research team were ranked #3 overall (including global investment banks).*


Research Team

  • Simon Kent-Jones

  • Phillip chippindale

  • Ian Munro

  • John O'Shea

  • Leanne Truong

  • Dylan Kelly

  • Walter Watson

  • Liz Mackay

  • Athena Kospetas

  • Jack Lynch

  • Michael Gerges

  • Nicolas Burgess

  • Luke Macnab

  • James Casey

  • Malcolm Wood

  • Milo Ferris

  • Jack Dunn

  • Paul Kaner

  • George Rodriguez

  • William Thurlow

Simon Kent-Jones

Simon Kent-Jones - Head of Private Client Research

Simon joined Ord Minnett in October 2006 from Macquarie Bank, where he worked for over 13 years. As the Head of Private Client Research, Simon is responsible for investment strategy and portfolio management, working across our adviser network. Simon is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and holds a Master of Economics and a Bachelor of Business.

Investment Portfolios

Ord Minnett offers seven managed account portfolios constructed by Ords' Research Team. Each portfolio provides investors different opportunities depending upon financial goals and tolerance for risk.

  • Ord Minnett Australian Core Equities Portfolio
  • Ord Minnett Australian Emerging Companies Portfolio
  • Ord Minnett Australian Listed Interest Rate Securities Portfolio
  • Ord Minnett Responsible Equities Portfolio
  • Ord Minnett International Equities Portfolio
  • E.L. & C. Baillieu Multi-Asset Balanced Portfolio
  • E.L. & C. Baillieu Multi-Asset High Growth Portfolio

investor news

Latest Research Insights

Our Research Team spends a significant amount of time analysing and interpreting the investment environment. This includes developing views about broader economic factors, understanding industry conditions and identifying company specific factors. This section contains a regular selection of insights that we gain from this analytical process. They aim to be informative and help identify potential investment opportunities.  

Ord Minnett Research Recommendation:   Commonwealth Bank (ASX: CBA)  Commonwealth Bank provided a third-quarter FY22 trading update that threw up few surprises,

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Ord Minnett Research Recommendation:   Santos Ltd    (ASX: STO)  Santos posted a March-quarter production report broadly in line with Ord Minnett’s

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Stock Coverage

# 1

Emerging Caps Research 

# 3

Overall Ranking

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